I help spiritual women entrepreneurs turn passions into profits.

be more confident


Way too many women go through their lives feeling "out of sync." When who you've been and who you are don't vibe with the woman your soul is calling you to be, you feel that dissonance. Getting back in touch with your authenticity is the profound groundwork of actualization.

feel more joy


All of your life, your health, your business, and your relationships have been plagued by insecurity, by the vague sense of unease, by the idea there's something out there that you just don't know, but if only you found the secret, you could FINALLY catch up your dreams. (You're right, but it's been inside of you all along.)     

find freedom


What would it mean to you if you could put your past behind you? What would it mean to consciously create a new life that doesn't bury past experiences, that doesn't pretend pain didn't occur, but instead sees you thriving in spite of your old stories? It sees you makes your dreams a reality.
 THAT is true true freedom.

You don't just want to make moneY + impact. You want freedom


What is the Radical Freedom Strategy?

a plan of action that is tailor-made to YOUR DREAM LIFE, a life filled with limitless opportunities and choices, and that balances all the key areas of your life: health, wealth, love, + creativity


looking back

Life on Your Terms

It isn't about finding yourself. It isn't about seeking. It's about creating the life you really want to live ON YOUR OWN TERMS. That's what my clients want. That's what I want...
Deep down, that's what you want too.


Here's what we'll tackle:

  • Old programming that blocks present joy.
  • Fear of marketing and selling.
  • Finding your life's purpose.
  • Fear of love.
  • Fear of success.
  • Fear of visibility.
  • Self-doubt + decision overwhelm.
  • Fear of what other's think of you.
  • Confusion on career direction.
  • How to cultivate joy and confidence.
  • Creating consistency and stability with money.

I'm Jasmine Ivy.

Joyful wife. Proud mama to one rambunctious toddler. Passionate multipreneur. Law of Attraction expert. Recovering marketing executive and intuitive dot-connector for women. 

I'm a ridiculously gifted psychic intuitive and Law of Attraction coach for women in business. I help next-level spiritual women entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels and start getting what they want: more clients, more money, more freedom, more bliss. 

I've leveraged my 15+ years background in business and marketing and my more than 10 years of study in the Law of Attraction to create the Radical Freedom Strategy, a powerful and logical approach using the Law of Attraction to grow your business like crazy.

My clients have doubled, even tripled their incomes, experiencing $8,000 days, $15,000 months, and more. What makes my flavor of business coaching oh-so-different? That's easy - it's not business coaching, not really. We are saying #boybye on those sleazy masculine marketing and sales techniques FOREVER and saying a big #heygirl to authenticity, abundance, and F L O W. #yesplease

People thought I was seriously weird when I married the #woo world of Law of Attraction with the masculine world of business, but I promise you, it's a match made in heaven. ;) 



Client Testimonials

Jasmine is an insightful, intuitive, warm hearted guide and coach. She is great at being able to hone in (in a loving way) on patterns and issues that might be holding you back in moving forward and expanding your business. She has a holistic, inclusive approach to working with you, and you really feel heard, supported and encouraged.

She has invaluable insight and knowledge pertaining to running and expanding a business. She also is able to suggests ways of doing this so that it is in alignment with your highest good, which I love!
— Billy Zeemann
Jasmine is a powerful and loving coach, immediately setting our interaction on a comfortable footing that invited me to share deeply with her. Her observations and feedback were spot-on for casting light on what I was puzzling through, and she helped shift my feelings from self-doubting to confident around the issues I shared with her. Jasmine is welcoming, warm, intelligent and thoughtful, and was able to balance discussion of the wider issues I am working on, with providing specific professional insights. Thank you so much, I had a big shift in both my thinking and also my body’s sense of confidence right away. These were then followed by some interesting synchronicities after our session, so I saw the results of my being able to be more positive, right away.
— Susan Gwynne-Timothy
I had a wonderful conversation with Jasmine this morning about starting my healing business. Her guidance and suggestions helped remind me to give myself permission to be my authentic self and to really believe in the direction I want to take my business in. With Jasmine’s insight, she also gave me other ideas/suggestions that I never had considered. It was reassuring to converse with someone who is genuinely authentic herself and is passionate about helping other people. Thanks Jasmine!
— Wendi Lindenmuth
Jasmine Myers is phenomenal. She helped me see my financial blocks and how I was struggling in my business. More importantly she helped me maneuver around those blocks and move beyond my limiting beliefs She helped me with how to rewrite my story so that I am leading my business from a place of power and confidence. I came away feeling a tremendous amount of hope and a burning desire to put my plans into action because I knew I would be a success.
— Kim Galliher
Amazing call with Jasmine! It was super insightful and really opened my eyes to what was/is holding me back in my career progression. She gave me some pointers to work on so I can experience more growth and progression. I’m super excited now!
— Charlie Moore