Discipline Your Disappointment

Today, I experienced my worst nightmare.


Okay, maybe that’s me being dramatic, but as a control freak, I can tell you that operating in faith and then everything falling apart is pretty much Freddie Krueger territory for me.


Here’s what happened…


So… two weeks ago, I attended a Tony Robbins conference (which was amazing).


The experience was the tipping point in a long journey of self-work that brings me closer and closer to my soul’s purpose.


And, brings me closer every day to living in a spirit of faith.


WHICH IS HORRIBLE if you are a control freak like me.


Okay, not horrible, but let’s just say that each moment where I operate on faith feels scary. It’s a conscious decision each day, really even moment to moment.


At the conference, I realized that I’d been holding myself back (like we do) and that I needed to act and act FAST on my ideas.


I needed to go out on faith.




So, I did.


And, everything was awesome until today.


Today, probably close to 100 people came to a webinar that I had promoted liberally and under the guidance of divine inspiration.


And, living in faith, I held the webinar using a new platform.


And, living in faith (you see a theme here), I popped on to the platform at the appointed time, and EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL.


...The technology failed.


...No one could hear me.


...Everyone started dropping off.


...I tried another platform - it also had sound issues.


...Ultimately, I ended up using a combo of a PDF of the slides and Facebook live.


I was mortified.


And, I was also angry. Not like step-on-a-lego angry, but ya know, peeved.


The old story that tells me that if only I control everything, these things wouldn’t happen came out swinging.


I felt stupid. I felt amateur. I felt deeply disappointed.


But, then I remembered what Tony said: the greats know how to “discipline their disappointment.”


And, that brought me right back to one fact: it’s my job is to serve.


My job is not to be perfect.


My job is not to be particularly tech-savvy (though I generally AM).


My job is not about me.


My job is to fulfill my purpose and that’s to help women who feel stuck get what they want in life.


What the Tony Robbins conference reinforced for me is that ALL successful people have one key trait that they share:


They prevail.


When things fail, they try again.


When they are embarrassed, they keep going anyway.


When everything goes wrong, they get resourceful.


I don’t serve people by controlling everything and avoiding every mistake.


I serve by being great, by never giving up, by feeling stupid and making the best of it.


So, this afternoon, I got resourceful.


I convinced my friend Natalie (who has two kids of her own - bless her) to take my kid to the park, so I could record this webinar.


There was a part of me that wanted to just leave things as they were, to avoid any further attention being shown on my “hot mess express” webinar of this morning.


But, that’s not me being of service.


Sharing this is me being of service.


Encouraging you to live FULL OUT, to try and fail, fail and try again.

That, and give faith a try. <3

So, here is my webinar, “How to Consistently Manifest Money + Clients” -- https://youtu.be/NRmC8gxl7F0

At this point, I guess you could call it a faith project.