As of 7:41 a.m. today, I am a recovering marketing executive.

This morning, I withdrew my candidacy for an executive position that would have paid me nearly six-figures. The closer I got to the offer, the more I knew what I needed to do: withdraw. The position included frequent work-sponsored trips to locations all over the world. The company is almost all women and only required that I be in-office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wait, that’s a DREAM JOB.

(I know.) Except, it’s not MY dream.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an entrepreneur. Even as a child. As I grew into a multi-passionate adult, I’ve pursued several businesses and have loved each and every one.

Yet, I consider them all ending in failure for one reason and ONLY one reason.

Because when money got tight, when I found myself facing an obstacle I had never before surmounted, I pulled the plug and went back to corporate life.

I quit.

Me... the woman people hire because I GET SH*T DONE, because when the going gets tough, I bulldoze a way through. Have a crisis? I’M YOUR GAL.

That’s the attitude I’ve always brought to the businesses I’ve helped build and grow.

Yet when it’s my business? I quit, because I’m afraid. I play victim and point to a thousand things that needed to have gone just so in order for ME to make it.

It’s lack mentality. It’s poverty bullsh*t. It’s me self-sabotaging like a mother f*cker. It’s me not taking responsibility for riding an emotional roller coaster THAT I CREATED.

(Does any of this sound familiar? I'm betting it might.)

So, today is the day, I go all-in.

Today is the day, I stop telling myself, “If this doesn’t work, I can always go back to marketing.”

I’m not even sure why going all-in is so terrifying, but it is. It makes me sick, like I don’t quite have my sea legs under me.

What’s funny is it’s not like I’m starting at square one. I already have amazing clients - and if I’d let go of my contingency mindset, I’d have MORE.

And, those clients? When I work with them, I can feel the Universe flowing through me. I am aligned. It’s powerful and wonderful, and not just for me, but for them. They feel and see amazing changes in their lives, and how could I ever even consider walking away from that?

Partially this is me reminding myself of my purpose, and partially it's a cautionary tale for you. ... This is what we all have to do when we’re afraid: shift away from self and step into the realm of purpose-driven service.

So, here I am, a marketing exec turned ALL IN coach for powerful women.

Maybe from the outside, I look the same. Yesterday, I was a coach without a traditional gig and today, that’s also true. But, I will look back and remember today as the day I took off my training wheels and removed the safety net forever.

If you too are know a thing or two about playing small, we should talk. If you are also recovering from corporate life (or, bless your heart, still chugging away), we should talk.

Why? Why should you talk to ME?

Because I worked in marketing for 15 years, and yet I don’t follow any of the rules.

All of the business advice you’ll get in the big companies I worked with and for will tell you to make as much money as you can for as little time investment as possible.

That’s not how I roll.

Your first conversation with me is free. It’s not a chat, and it’s not a sales call.

It’s a two-hours long deep dive to examine where you’re stuck, WHY you’re stuck, and how the hell you get unstuck on the road to where you really REALLY want to be in your life: living on your own terms.

(And, yes, I said TWO HOURS LONG.)

This is a real coaching call, and it’s truly free.

If after two hours, I think you’re a good fit, I’ll invite you to work with me. Do I invite everybody? No way. If I wanted to work with just anybody, I’d jump right back in to traditional work life, where you don’t get to control … anything.

Oh, and no pushy, manipulative sales crap. Not now, not ever. I hate that stuff - I always did. Even when pushed to do that in my corporate life, I never did. With me, everything will be transparent, starting from call 1 and going into infinity.

Just so you know, YOU are the reason I let go of my safety net. You are the reason I’m pushing through fear. Thank you. <3

I can’t wait to talk. Reach out right now.