Toot Your Horn

Not to toot my own horn here, but --


Wait. LMAO, j/k. I’m awesome -- of course I’m going to toot my own horn.




***Do you know what basically every client I work with freaks out about in her business?






Her #1 struggle in her romantic relationships?






One of the BIGGEST struggles she had with one or both of her parents during childhood:




--->Friend, hear this…


Visibility is not a “business issue.”


Trust me on this. I worked in marketing and sales in big business for 15 years with a whole bunch of men in suits who NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER EVER, like not even once EVER struggled to feel seen or heard…


...These men wouldn't think twice about plugging the hell out of their business.


...These men would never say, “I’m just not a ‘salesy’ person.”


They tooted their horns as obnoxiously as possible until ‘errbody in the club was either gettin’ jiggy with it or calling a Lyft to go home.


Feeling squeamish about marketing yourself?


Struggling with confidence during sales calls??


Hoping-wishing-praying people IRL don’t “find you out”???


These aren’t business issues AT ALL.


They’re self-worth issues that eventually manifest as a business CRISIS.


Because if you don’t get seen + heard, you don’t get money.


And, if you don’t get money, you help no one. Not you, not your clients.


So, PLEASE, toot your horn.


Hell, hire the whole band.


Tell the WHOLE WORLD what you do and why you do it, because it’s your J-O-B to be of service.


And, you can’t be of service if no one knows about you.


You can’t be of service when you play small.


You can’t be of service when you hide.


Here’s how it’s done:


My name is Jasmine Myers. I help women cut ties with doubt, guilt, and shame to step into divine confidence in life and business.


And, I am PHENOMENAL at it.


In less than one hour with me, women have had mindset shifts that have blown their whole lives open wide.


I’ve worked in business for 15 years, studied law of attraction/mindset for 10 years. And, in all that time, I’ve sucked at plenty of things: excel? keeping track of receipts? following Ikea instructions? unloading the dishwasher?... Yes to all.


But THIS? I am masterful. I am divinely gifted, and so are my beautiful, inspiring clients who dimmed their own lights for far, far too long. Want to be one of those women shining her light? Get at me. The first call is free.


Okay. Consider MY horn tooted.


Now it’s your turn.


Toot your horn.


Who are you, what do you do, and how hard do you rock at it?


Let’s hear it. Reach out and let me know. :)