When EVERYTHING is Going Wrong

Today, I manifested exactly what I didn’t want to happen.


I woke up in a FUNKtastic mood. I was tired. I knew I had a solid day of calls + videos ahead of me.


I rushed around getting my son ready for school. Raced to get him to school, raced to go to Starbucks, because I desperately wanted my beloved black tea lemonade before my first call started today.


As I rushed into Starbucks, I thought, “You know… I’d really like to not have to rush around today. I’d like to be able to just relax this morning.”


(Ahem. Did I ever mention that I flipping TEACH manifesting for a living?)


You know what happened, right?


Three minutes after I get in line, I’m doing the whole scan through my emails thing and I see an email from my 9am client…




I almost never have cancels. Like NEVER. Because it usually takes people 1-2 weeks to get on my schedule, so they don’t usually cancel.


“Yay! I don’t have to rush!” is my first thought. (Even though I adore every part of my work, I’m also human, right?)


So, I get my tea, leisurely drive back home and get settled in for a nice block of work-time before my 11am call.


(Do you know what’s coming at this point? You should. Because, I AM A FREAKING MANIFESTING EXPERT.)


So, I’m sitting there, listening to my tunes, getting work done, sipping my tea. It’s about 10:50 am and I’m getting ready for my 11am call. But also? I’m thinking, THIS MORNING WAS SO REFRESHING.  


Ding! I get an email.


(You know what’s coming, dude.)




I open the email. My 11am says, “I’m stuck in an appointment and I don’t think I can make our call!!!”


Instantly, I’m like, “What is happening???”


And, then it hits me.




(I mean, DUH.)


Instantly, I knew that if I didn’t get my head on straight and fast, that my people were going to cancel all.day.long → because I had flat out TOLD THE UNIVERSE that’s what I wanted.


Right that minute, I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to center myself. I reset my intention and wrote a few lines in my notebook about my purpose and WHY I DO IT. Here’s what I wrote:


>>> My work is of high, high service. I help women get what their heart’s most desire. I do this by coaching them, by talking to them, by listening deeply, and by drawing on the Universe’s wisdom to support them. It brings me overflowing joy. My clients and potential clients value my work and value their time. They keep their appointments and bring positive energy to every session. <<<


When I was done, I checked my email again… She had done some switcheroos and was going to make the session, but would be 20 minutes late. We ended up having the session and at the end she said, “I am SO GLAD I didn’t cancel this session.”


Here’s the moral of the story:


Is everything going wrong? Check yourself.