Why You MUST Set a Clear Goal

In 2014, I owned a thriving business that made me good money. I had customers all over the world and even celebrities wearing my products.


It was awesome, except I HATED it. I’d become a slave to my business.


Here’s what I did…


I walked away.


Okay, so I could leave the story at that, but… well, ya know, I’m wordy.


It was a jewelry business. Jewelry is an industry I’ve always loved. I’ve owned two jewelry companies and have worked for others in the business off and on since 2004.


In 2014, my jewelry company was at the height of its popularity, and I was elbow-deep in the minutiae of it. Had you asked me back then how I was feeling, I would have said, “GREAT!” with one of those scary glints in my eyes that suggests I might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


Because here’s the thing… my goal with that business was to make it a wild success.


...What did success mean to me?

...What kind of money would I make?

...How many hours would I work?

...How would my business success impact the rest of my life?


All GREAT questions that I didn’t ask.


I had no defined goal beyond an ill-defined “wild success.”


I had put out an intention to the Universe: “Wild success!”


So, the Universe made that happen without ANY parameters.


Wait, that’s not true. The Universe HAD parameters.


It had parameters in the form of my preconceived notions of what success is.


It had them in the form of deeply held beliefs like, “I must work hard to make money, and to make a lot of money, I must work INSANELY HARD.” And, how can I forget the good old, “Greatness comes with great personal sacrifice.”


The Universe worked with what I already believed about success (and not exactly stuff I would have chosen) to create exactly what I asked for.


Despite the fact that this meant I had to figure out how the hell to get myself out of that situation that was making me so unhappy, it is actually good news.


For me, it meant taking a hard look at what I had created, considering what of it I wanted to keep (and what I didn’t), and figuring out how I could manifest in the future - in a CONSCIOUS way (because, duh).


So, that’s what I did.


I opened myself up to something else, to possibility. I set a new (more specific!) intention. I totally revolutionized my life.


(Because, girl, I am the QUEEN of reinvention, but that’s a story for another day.)


And, within two years, my life looked entirely different. I was doing something that lit me up AND I was making double the money doing it.


There are no limits.


Well, except the ones YOU set.


Why am I telling you this story? In fact, why do I tell my stories all the damn time?


One. Because I enjoy it. Because it lights me up.


And, because I have the audacity to believe that you might learn a thing or two from my Ka-Razy life. I’ve learned SO MUCH from people sharing their stories with me.


This is really what business is all about. Relationships. Stories. Failures. Triumps. Revolution. It’s about being of service, being a beacon, and being freaking happy.


The way I do all of those things is by telling my stories, connecting with inspiring woman, and helping them finally get unstuck and get what they really want in life.

If this resonates, let’s connect. Reach out right now.