The Four Steps of Massive Manifesting

By 24, I had flunked college, married the first boy that looked at me, and gotten a divorce - a big deal in a small Midwest town.


By 26, I was the head of marketing for an international hospitality company, writing a blog followed by thousands, remarried to the dashing and sexy-as-hell love of my life, and living in beautiful sunny San Diego.  


(Let’s break this down, shall we?)


Okay, so reading over those first two lines, it sounds crazy even to ME, and I mean, I lived it.




So, what exactly happened between 24 and 26?


Well, let me give you the top 100 things I did that changed my life.


Wait, no, that’s ridiculous. All you need to know is one thing:


I used the law of attraction, and it CHANGED MY LIFE.


It changed my life, AND it changed fast.


Not only that, but over the last 10 years, I’ve manifested all sorts of incredible things... small things, big things, red things, blue things, things that would make Dr. Seuss write a new book about #ALLTHETHINGS.


But... how?


And, why has it worked so well for ME when so many other people struggle and struggle and STRUGGLE to manifest even tiny things???


I pondered this for a long time, and I’ve boiled it down to this:


… When I am consciously manifesting, I switch into a READY TO CHANGE mindset.


… I am a dreamer; focused visualization comes naturally for me.


… I use my emotions to fuel my manifesting fires and this makes me POWERFUL.


… I’ve always loved to write, so when I am trying to manifest, I journal A LOT.


Over the past 10 years, I’ve tried out a lot of stuff, but these four things were always present when I manifested amazing things.


And, the best part?


These aren’t big, complicated concepts. They are simple skills that anyone can learn.


1) Are you ready to change? Great.

2) Do you know what you want to manifest? Bam.

3) Do you feel all the feels? Awesome.

4) Do you write things down? Perfect!


Okay, maybe it isn’t THAT simple, but you get my point.


The law of attraction isn’t a secret.


It isn’t a weapon of the elite.


It isn’t made for “special people.”


It isn’t just some bullsh*t the self-help industry made up to ensure that you continue plugging away at a pipe dream.


The law of attraction is real and it is working in your life, whether you leverage it or not.


So, maybe you should learn how to use it?

This is what I do now. I’m no longer the 24 year old girl who totally transformed her life through conscious manifestation.


Today is 10 years later. I’m a law of attraction educator, a dot-connector, a champion for women manifesting #allthethings and slaying their dragons.


And, today, I help women who feel stuck get what they want in life.


Not through woo-woo magic.


Not through wishful thinking.


Not on a wing and a prayer.


I take strategies I developed from 15 years in business, and I pair them with a deep understanding of the law of attraction gleaned from 10 years of study. I use this unique combo to support my clients in building their dream lives.


It isn’t magic, but it sure FEELS magical.


If this resonates, I’d love to hear from you. Reach out right now.