It's Either a Success or a Story

For the longest time, I felt shame that I was a late bloomer... a mistake-maker... a risk-taker.

All I wanted was to be “normal.” For the first 30 years of my life, everywhere I looked I found confirmation that I was different and not in a good way.

And, what’s worse?

It made me feel like a failure.

Everyone else got jobs and (in my mind) security, too. I longed only to build businesses, and I believed that could only mean instability.

Even when I did take positions in corporate world, it wasn’t long before I’d hear the call… At heart, I am serial entrepreneur with an irresistible urge to TRY... and then try something else… and then try something else after that.  

It’s hard to believe now that I spent so much time begrudging myself the very things that make me so interesting (and marketable!). And, even now, I sometimes have to work to remind myself.

I mean, if I’d gone out, got a tidy little degree, immediately taken the “perfect” job, and then stayed there for say, 30-40 years… well, I wouldn’t have stories to tell like this:

I once worked for a diploma mill housed in someone’s basement. I was young and naive, so I didn’t really understand that this was what it was until one day I was instructed to “choose a name.” Everyone that worked there apparently went by alternate names. I chose “Jill Frank” to end the conversation, went home, and never went back.


Many years ago, I was once fired at two entirely different companies in two different cities BY THE SAME MAN.

If I look back, every failure I ever had turned out to either be a springboard for something awesome or a fun story.

That’s not just true for me, that’s true for you, too.

Everything in life is either a success or a story.

If you are an entrepreneur, what this means is that YOU CANNOT FAIL.

Do you understand why?

Because if everything is either a success or a story, that means you can use that story to create future success. In that state of mind, here are your options:

1) You try and succeed - hooray!

2) You try, you fail, it becomes a story, you tell it, and you create future success - hooray!

But, Jasmine, doesn’t telling everyone about your failures and vulnerabilities just make you look weak?

Not even close.

My clients know deep down that everyone has those feelings. When they see other people out there acting like all their struggles are behind them, it feels like a lie (because it is).

Telling your stories is the best marketing you will EVER do. It creates trust, and not just that. Living in your truth gives others permission to do it, too.

This is an email I got a few weeks ago after a raw and honest post I wrote:

When I read your post tonight about your own lack mentality and self sabotage it was just so honest and real....there are a lot of coaches who would never admit their own issues... it made me not afraid to be honest about my own crap!! very excited to talk to you!

That lovely woman is now a paying client.

Let’s be real here… Fearlessly sharing your truth is brave and strong.

I model this for my clients because who the hell am I to coach them if I don’t practice pushing through my own fears?

Your failures are just stories.

Maybe you need to hear that again, your failures are just stories.

And, once you start leveraging that, those failures will never define you again.

I’m Jasmine Myers. I’m a Law of Attraction coach for women and the creator of the Radical Freedom Strategy. I help women entrepreneurs who feel stuck *finally* get what they want in life.

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