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 High End Group Program
for Coaches + Healers

For ambitious women who just can't quite figure out *how*

to build the energy-first business of their dreams

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You've got the drive, but you just can't freaking
figure out *HOW* to do this damn thing...



You've done #ALLTHETHINGS,
but aren't really see any of the results...



You're ready to go ALL IN, and all you need is someone
to show you how this thing is really done...

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This is the program I wish I'd had when I started out. 

I'm Jasmine Ivy, obsessed #boymom, blessed wife, and one of those "overnight success stories" (which, btw, was 15 years in the making).

I'm a multi-six-figure Law of Attraction coach for spiritual women entrepreneurs, and well, I'm a bit of an anomaly in the online world.

You see, before all this, I spent about 15+ years working in and out of traditional business, ending my career in Silicon Valley, where I become quite the specialist in masculine energy. (Insert eye roll.) What does THAT mean? It means I became phenomenal at marketing and sales - I'm not just a marketer, I'm a growth hacker and we are #boss -- but all the techniques I was supposed to use felt, well, GROSS.

Today, I'm one of the only coaches that perfectly marries the growth-mindset-marketing strategies of the traditional masculine energy world with an energy-first business approach that *finally* ushers the Divine Feminine into the equation. 

The result? Way more FLOW and a lot less hustle. Doing what you love, making money, and changing the world.

Value exchange - that's what business was always meant to be. I've helped women all over the world turn that dream into a reality, and I'd love to help you too. 



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10 week *live* group program

Divine Ambition is a unique new program designed for spiritually-minded, heart-centered women entrepreneurs in coaching, healing, and other service-based industries.  

The program, which has the feeling of an ultra-high-end mastermind, features an accelerated 10 weeks of content focused on delivering everything I personally did to build my coaching business to six figures FAST. 

That said, the last thing we want are a bunch of Jasmine carbon copies running around, so the program focuses on YOU using the content to tailor your own programs and services in a way that supports you and serves your ideal clients in a wildly fun and authentic way.

Because THAT is what the world needs more of.


Weekly Vids + biweekly group calls

Curriculum Topics:

  • Creating high end 1:1 that sells
  • Developing high end programs and masterminds
  • The three types of customers and how to move them through the journey
  • Free Value Offers that Sell
  • Pricing Theory + Mindset
  • Creating Courses: Active to Passive
  • Stacking: Manipulating the Physical to Create Quick Energetic Alignment
  • Layering: An Energy-first Approach to Building
  • Bonus energy work and copywriting tutorials by (secret) guest experts

There's a much better way to do business.

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My mission is to change the face of business.

  • Business has traditionally played only to masculine energy strengths

  • Traditional business leverages techniques and strategies almost exclusively sourced from masculine energy - pushy sales tactics, convincing customers, manipulative marketing, sales at any cost, and more. #boybye

  • There's a better way. I've seen it. I've done it. I've been teaching it for a while now with great success. #heygirl

    • My clients have experienced as much as $50,000 booked months, consistent $10,000+ months, and launching and filling programs exclusively using this "energy-first" approach. Quite simply, it works. 

But we need a whole lot more people to get on board to tip the scales toward a more balanced masculine-feminine energy business world. 

We need you.

My clients and I are changing the way business works.

But we can't do it alone. 

Join us.

jasmine ivy

Divine Ambition teaches you EVERYTHING
I ever did to build this business.

These techniques and approaches are sourced from
16+ years in corporate marketing and sales
and entrepreneurship. 

These are my tips, secrets, and favorite approaches
to doing this thing BIG. 

I wish like crazy, I'd known all this YEARS AGO. 

Client Testimonials

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