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 High End Group Program
for Coaches + Healers

For ambitious women who just can't quite figure out *how*

to build the energy-first business of their dreams

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You've got the drive, but you just can't freaking
figure out *HOW* to do this damn thing...



You've done #ALLTHETHINGS,
but aren't really seeing any of the results...



You're ready to go ALL IN, and all you need is someone
to show you *how* this thing is really done...

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This is the program I wish I'd had when I started out. 

I'm Jasmine Ivy, obsessed #boymom, blessed wife, and one of those "overnight success stories" (which, btw, was 15 years in the making).

I'm a multi-six-figure Law of Attraction coach for spiritual women entrepreneurs, and well, I'm a bit of an anomaly in the online world.

You see, before all this, I spent about 15+ years working in and out of traditional business, ending my career in Silicon Valley, where I become quite the specialist in masculine energy. (Insert eye roll.) What does THAT mean? It means I became phenomenal at marketing and sales - I'm not just a marketer, I'm a growth hacker and we are #boss -- but all the techniques I was supposed to use felt, well, GROSS.

Today, I'm one of the only coaches that perfectly marries the growth-mindset-marketing strategies of the traditional masculine energy world with an energy-first business approach that *finally* ushers the Divine Feminine into the equation. 

The result? Way more FLOW and a lot less hustle. Doing what you love, making money, and changing the world.

Value exchange - that's what business was always meant to be. I've helped women all over the world turn that dream into a reality, and I'd love to help you too. 


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8 week *live* group program

Divine Ambition is a unique new program designed for spiritually-minded, heart-centered women entrepreneurs in coaching, healing, and other service-based industries.  

The program, which has the feeling of an ultra-high-end mastermind, features an accelerated 10 weeks of content focused on delivering everything I personally did to build my coaching business to six figures FAST. 

That said, the last thing we want are a bunch of Jasmine carbon copies running around, so the program focuses on YOU using the content to tailor your own programs and services in a way that supports you and serves your ideal clients in a wildly fun and authentic way.

Because THAT is what the world needs more of.


Weekly Vids + biweekly group calls

Curriculum Topics:

  • Creating high end 1:1 that sells
  • Developing high end programs and masterminds
  • The three types of customers and how to move them through the journey
  • Free Value Offers that Sell
  • Pricing Theory + Mindset
  • Creating Courses: Active to Passive
  • Stacking: Manipulating the Physical to Create Quick Energetic Alignment
  • Layering: An Energy-first Approach to Building
  • Bonus energy work and copywriting tutorials by (secret) guest experts

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

All new Divine Ambition students will receive access to all four modules of Rena Chiovelli's incredible copy course:

* The Voice Within *

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All new Divine Ambition students will receive the
four modules at the end of the Divine Ambition course!
that's an additional FOUR WEEKS OF PREMIUM CONTENT!

Look, there's a MUCH better way to do business.

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My mission is to change the face of business.

  • Business has traditionally played only to masculine energy strengths

  • Traditional business leverages techniques and strategies almost exclusively sourced from masculine energy - pushy sales tactics, convincing customers, manipulative marketing, sales at any cost, and more. #boybye

  • There's a better way. I've seen it. I've done it. I've been teaching it for a while now with great success. #heygirl

    • My clients have experienced as much as $50,000 booked months, consistent $10,000+ months, and launching and filling programs exclusively using this "energy-first" approach. Quite simply, it works. 

But we need a whole lot more people to get on board to tip the scales toward a more balanced masculine-feminine energy business world. 

We need you.

My clients and I are changing the way business works.

But we can't do it alone. 

Join us.

jasmine ivy

Divine Ambition teaches you EVERYTHING
I ever did to build this business.

These techniques and approaches are sourced from
16+ years in corporate marketing and sales
and entrepreneurship. 

These are my tips, secrets, and favorite approaches
to doing this thing BIG. 

I wish like crazy, I'd known all this YEARS AGO. 

Client Testimonials

Jasmine’s Divine Ambition Program is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business to date. This program is packed with so much priceless content that I will be revisiting the material again, and again, and again. One of the things I appreciated most was Jasmine’s unique and heart centered approach to creating a business model that not only could be successful and scalable, but most importantly, was focused on coming from a place of service. I have a new level of confidence in knowing that I can raise women up in the way I’ve been guided AND be divinely supported in the process. Things about business that I used to think felt icky or intimidating now genuinely excite me as I am approaching them from a whole new perspective. Thank you Jasmine!
— Christa Potter, https://realizingbeauty.com
Divine Ambition is SO MUCH MORE than a course. It’s a vibe, an energy... I mean, Jasmine. Need I say more? You know it’s amazing when you clear your calendar for the videos and group calls... replay the audio recordings in the car (in lieu of podcasts) and replay the videos to soak up more amazing-ness the second time around.
— Nichole Joy Wifey, VBAC mom of 2 (#3 on the way), pregnancy coach, birth doula, childbirth educator and birth junkie. https://www.nicholejoy.com/

What can I say about Divine Ambition?

It was legendary! I signed up when I’m the infancy of my coaching business with 40 some-odd people in my group, I had never done a blind 1:1 call, and I had never launched a course. To say I was confused and drowning in a sea of information would be an understatement.

With the help of Jasmine and the amazing ladies of the group, I was able to more than double my group with engaging women, have a set plan for my discovery calls, have a clear game plan for my business and best of all I launched two mini courses!!

I have gained amazing confidence in myself and my business. I no longer feel scared or confused when it comes to the logistic side of my business. Jasmine’s divine ambition course has found a magical way of marrying the woo with the practical.

I highly recommend it!
— Melissa Lee Fb group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/182351899074053

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We kickoff July 23! Join us. 

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