Manifest Mad Money Journaling Workbook

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Manifest Mad Money Journaling Workbook

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Get the SAME manfiestation techniques I give to my clients! One of my clients recently had an $8,000 DAY, another had a $15,000 month - no joke! 

This is a 21-page manifestation journaling workbook designed to help you learn the EXACT journaling techniques I use for manifesting big goals. I am now a consistent 5-figure per month coach. 

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This workbook includes none of the fluff. It's straight to the point with 5 solid exercises that you can adapt these in MANY ways to fit your goals or desires. I still use these same techniques today when I'm working to manifest money, success, and joy. 

The key is to create a spirit of EXPECTATION with your journaling. It took me YEARS to find a way that felt authentic enough for my mind not to just toss away the journaling as "wishful thinking."

What makes these simple, but powerful journaling techniques SOOOOOOO effective is that they allow you to seamlessly blend your "real" life with your "dream life. It's the absolute BEST of both worlds. 

If you are ready to learn how to do manifestation journaling, THIS IS YOUR WORKBOOK.

P.S. I've NEVER shared this with anyone outside of my clients before. You are in for a treat.