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Powerful AlignMENT. massive Inspired action. Total transformation.

Tell me if this sounds like you. Do you...

> Find yourself wracked with worry and insecurity
around making money in your business? 

> Feel like you're doing "all the right things," 
yet STILL aren't seeing results?

> KNOW you are meant for so-much-more?

> Wonder why everyone is doing it big, but YOU?

> Realize you're stuck in a rut, but can't seem to find a way out?


If you said YES to any of these questions,
then THIS is for you. 

build the dream

business strategy + mindset

My Life, My Terms is a 8-week group coaching program that combines the best of high level business strategy and deep mindset work to not only kick your blocks to the curb, but actually make MASSIVE IMPACT in your business.

real Experience + Immediate action

With me, Jasmine Myers, as your coach you get eight dedicated weeks of support. I have a 15-year background in high level marketing and business, plus more than 10 years experience studying the Law of Attraction and Mindset. 

It's not enough to just trace your mindset blocks to your root issues. If you do that long enough, you'll run into a wall. The key to accelerated growth is to look back, analyze, AND THEN TAKE ACTION. This is the work we'll do together.

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- Now *TWICE* the Modules! - 

Here's what you'll get: 

- TWO transformational workbooks to take you DEEP into the blocks holding you back + help you develop the strategy to put yourself out there and see IMMEDIATE IMPACT (sales + clients + money) ($199 value)

-  2 LIVE Q&A sessions where we will dig into YOUR specific issues - during every call, you will ALWAYS get dedicated support from me ($2466 value)

- an amazing, inspirational Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, and bounce around ideas (Plus! Bonus business challenges + feedback forever!)

- 6 learning modules where I will teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to grow your business like CRAZY!!! ($1182)

>>>    Value: $3,380    <<< 

But that's not all...

My Life My Terms and Journal to $10K 
a transformational 8-week experience unlike any other 

Journal to $10K is a transformational two-week journaling E-Course designed to take you step-by-step through tried and tested journaling techniques for removing blocks and manifesting money and wealth. 

Part woo AF, part "this just makes sense," Journal to $10K walks you through EVERY SINGLE STRATEGY in my manifestation journaling arsenal and is designed for both beginners and intermediate practitioners of the Law of Attraction.

Money manifestation is one of THE MOST CHALLENGING LOA skills to conquer. Why? 'Cause money gives us a lot of feels. Don't worry. We'll sort that shit out.

Here's what you'll get: 

- a transformational journaling workbook (100+ pages) of step-by-step, PROVEN techniques to help you journal your way to $10K and sooooooooo far beyond ($99 value) 

- an absolutely, positively AMAZING Facebook group >> ask questions, get support, and bounce around ideas

- 2 Money Manifestation Modules designed to help you understand why the hell you have these #moneyprobs to begin with and how to finally conquer them ($394 value)


>>>    Value: $1,315<<< 

You get this for *FREE*

Wait. But who are you?

Hey there...

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I'm Jasmine Ivy.

I'm a ridiculously gifted psychic Intuitive and Law of Attraction coach for women in business. I help next-level spiritual women entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels and start getting what they want: more clients, more money, more freedom, more bliss. 

I've leveraged my 15+ years background in business and marketing and my more than 10 years of study in the Law of Attraction to create the Radical Freedom Strategy, a powerful and logical approach using the Law of Attraction to grow your business like crazy. This is the strategy you will learn in My Life, My Terms

My clients have doubled, even tripled their incomes, experiencing $8,000 days, $15,000 months, and more. What makes My Life, My Terms so very different is the approach. We are saying #boybye on those sleazy masculine marketing and sales techniques FOREVER and saying a big #heygirl to authenticity, abundance, and F L O W. #yesplease

I just completed an LOA course through Jasmine (WOW) and almost immediately scheduled for one of her Intention Intensives. I was so nervous leading up to our call yesterday ...

HOLY MOLY. I don’t think I can accurately describe how blessed I feel to have taken part in that call yesterday. In just a few sentences, and within the first few minutes of our call, Jasmine’s insights completely blew me away and allowed me to start shifting my perspective on something in my life that I *thought* I had all figured out. Isn’t that what we always think? ;)

Jasmine, you have truly been given a gift (well, *several* gifts that I know you also work hard to grow)! And you’ve given ME such a profound gift. I feel a renewed sense of clarity on where to dig in more and what steps to take next. Your passion and energy is contagious. A million times over, thank you. <3

If you’re sitting there thinking “I’m not ______ enough” to do something like that (fill in the blank with any insecurity, like I was! lol), you’re wrong. I’m guessing you’ve got your stumbling blocks just like me. Maybe even some you have yet to realize are right in front of you! Don’t hesitate to work with Jasmine. She is down to earth, incredibly insightful and genuine. You will feel changed — I know I do.
— Emily
“I am speechless. I’ve been in shock for about an hour now. I just had a two hour session with Jasmine and she is AHHHMAAZINGG!! If you are looking for someone to uncover your deepest hidden sh*t that is keeping you stuck in the situation you are in, then SHE is definitely your go-to person.”
— Nicole
“If you want to learn how to manifest or want to learn how to manifest more consistently then I highly recommend working with Jasmine. She is a very caring and generous soul and really has your back. She is open and honest about her own manifesting journey. She’s a true gem and I’m so glad I found her!”
— Marcella
Just wanted to put a little shout out here to Jasmine and the last mini course and then paid course I participated in called My life, My terms. It’s pretty frickin amazing!

The content in the free course was super awesome and I saw increased sales from implementing some things and the course was even better! Soooooo much wonderful information and a big ol confidence boost as well. With her guidance and suggestions I know I’m about to make huge moves in my biz!

Hope this doesn’t sound too promo or salesy I just really wanted to tell others that if you’re ready to take things seriously in your business then Jasmine is the one to help you do it. <3
— Meghan
“I have to give a huge shout out to Jasmine. After dealing with “imposter syndrome” in my niche she really helped me align what I thought was “bad” about my past and helped me see how it actually puts me in so much more of a unique position to truly be able to offer my services, because of the challenges I’ve overcome!

By the end of our first session working together I felt a huge shift, had tears of relief, and truly felt confident in sharing my whole story and being fully authentic in my messaging. It was like we cleared the elephant from the room! I’m so grateful to you! I feel so much more aligned with my purpose, and comfortable and confident in sharing my story. Thank you, thank you!!! I am SO excited to continue working with you!!”
— Lindsay
You honestly changed my whole mindset. I’m eternally grateful — thank you so much!!
— Layla

Aglaee TRIPLED her income during the program

Heather had a MASSIVE breakthrough in ONE hour

>>>   Total Value $4695!   <<<

A Transformative Business Accelerator...


> Do What You Love

> Do Less, Achieve More, Get Paid

> Powerfully Align with Your Purpose

> Create a Business that Fits into the Life of Your DREAMS

> Use a Powerful, Proven System to Magnetize Your Business

> Learn to Manifest Money, Success, and More

Watch the Video for my
Quickie 60-Second Explanation for Why
this Program will CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS


Space is EXTREMELY limited.

Program begins November 2017.