reinvention queens

4-Week Manifesting Program

reinvent yourself + get 10 times more out of life.

4 Amazing Weeks dedicated to your total reinvention.

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Tell me if this sounds like you...

> Do you ever wonder how you got here?

> Do you ever wonder why some women seem to have it "all?"

> Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, but can't get it to work FOR you?

> Would you like to FINALLY master your mindset and make stuff happen?

> Are you unsure of what you really WANT in life?


If you said YES to any of these questions,
then THIS is for you. 

discover the art of abundance + apply it immediately

Reinvention Queens is a 4-week group coaching program dedicated to teaching you the principles of using the Law of Attraction to manifest goodness, love, light, wealth, abundance, and joy into your life. 

gain manifesting skills you can use in the real world

With me, Jasmine Myers, as your coach, you get four dedicated weeks of support. I am an advanced-certified Law of Attraction practitioner, and I have 10 years experience studying the Law of Attraction and mindset. Let's do this together.

Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction to Radically Improve Your Life

The first big thing I manifested was the love of my life. 

In fact, HE introduced me to the principle in the first place! Immediately, I was obsessed with learning everything I could about its history and practiced small manifestations like crazy.

When I moved 2500 miles away, I lost the most delicious, passionate, PROFOUND connection I'd ever had in my life.

But, I didn't lose faith. The tools I used to manifest back then are the ones I still use today.

Oh, and we've been together more than 10 years now. ;)  

Here's what you'll do: 

- learn to use the Law of Attraction FOR your life instead of fighting against it

- uncover your deep-rooted beliefs systems that are holding you back and become a vibrational match for the reality you really want

-  finally learn the TRUTH of who you are and your purpose on this planet

- get clear -- REALLY CLEAR -- on your desires and magnetize your life toward them

- tons of practice using my #1 tool for manifesting like CRAZY

- learn and practice my time-tested, step-by-step, powerful manifesting process 

- powerfully rewrite your life story, while honoring your past history and driving toward an exciting new reality

Here's what you'll get: 

- a transformational journaling workbook to help you learn how to manifest and how to work through those limiting beliefs holding you back ($50 value)

-  4 group coaching calls where we will go deep into YOUR specific issues - during every call, you will ALWAYS get dedicated support from me during these calls ($300 value)

- a dedicated Facebook group of women who are learning to manifest right alongside you - ask questions, get support, and meet fellow manifesting sisters!

- 4 learning modules where I will teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest like CRAZY in love, career, health, creativity, and more!!! 

- 4 Facebook live Q+As, where I will answer your questions AND tailor that week's material to the unique experiences of the group.


This isn't just a program that teaches a strategy for manifesting. This is a highly personal program dedicated to teaching YOU how to manifest.

>> $500 Value <<

Because I want you to manifest your DREAM LIFE... I've got two {crazy awesome} bonuses...

Bonus #1 ($150 value)

One 30-Minute 1:1 session

In this powerful session, we will focus on dream mapping your BEST LIFE EVER, so you can get started on manifesting it immediately. The goal is always to take action NOW and get you going where you really want to go.

I'm Jasmine Ivy.

I'm the queen of reinvention and a Law of Attraction expert. I work with women who are tired of feeling stuck and ready to leverage the power of the Universe to get 10 times more out life.

I've helped women double their income, manifest unexpected money, rekindle old loves, step into their purpose, and do things in a few weeks (or days!) that they tried to do for years.

Manifesting is a skill that I've used to totally reinvent my life. Let me teach you. 

“I am speechless. I’ve been in shock for about an hour now. I just had a two hour session with Jasmine and she is AHHHMAAZINGG!! If you are looking for someone to uncover your deepest hidden sh*t that is keeping you stuck in the situation you are in, then SHE is definitely your go-to person.”
— Nicole
“If you want to learn how to manifest or want to learn how to manifest more consistently then I highly recommend working with Jasmine. She is a very caring and generous soul and really has your back. She is open and honest about her own manifesting journey. She’s a true gem and I’m so glad I found her!”
— Marcella
“I have to give a huge shout out to Jasmine. After dealing with “imposter syndrome” in my niche she really helped me align what I thought was “bad” about my past and helped me see how it actually puts me in so much more of a unique position to truly be able to offer my services, because of the challenges I’ve overcome! By the end of our first session working together I felt a huge shift, had tears of relief, and truly felt confident in sharing my whole story and being fully authentic in my messaging. It was like we cleared the elephant from the room! I’m so grateful to you! I feel so much more aligned with my purpose, and comfortable and confident in sharing my story. Thank you, thank you!!! I am SO excited to continue working with you!!”
— Lindsay

Bonus #2 (BRAND NEW BONUS -- $122 value)

The Energy Drawing Experience 

Get clarity on your life, romance, business, and OMG SO MUCH MORE with your very own Energy Drawing Experience with master energy healer Johanna Gardner.

This bonus includes a 30-minute Energy Drawing Experience with Johanna. Here's what you can expect: 

You’ll learn whether you are here to offer LOVE, WISDOM or JOY. This will give you insight as to who you truly are at the soul level. You’ll discover how to be the ‘best’ possible YOU.

You’ll discover your unique intuitive gifts and whether you are maximizing their potential! You might have orange hands which means you have the gift of laying healing hands on others, or a large 3rd eye representing clairvoyance, or light blue ears illuminating your clairaudient abilities and/or so much more.

You’ll discover your unique gifts to the world, the lessons you need to know during your journey through this life and how to speed up the ‘learning’ so you can break through old negative patterns quickly and embrace a beautiful, bright future.

You’ll discover the chakras (energy and endocrine centers) that need extra Tender Loving Care, and I’ll give you color prescriptions so you can bring them back into alignment.

You’ll receive healing activations infused into your energy drawing to help heal any mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual misalignment. You’ll also receive insight on what needs to be released and healed so you can move forward with ease and clarity.

You’ll receive an artistic representation (electronic copy – snail mail version optional) of YOUR ENERGY BODY that will energetically realign your subconscious just by looking at it.

You’ll receive a recording including all the messages of your experience as well as a unique image that maps out your drawing.

“Wow, wow, WOW! I just had the most amazing 30 minute session with Johanna who basically blew me away with her insights and it has entirely shifted the kinds of clients I even want to work with, so it’s totally aligned with who I am! And it was done with such warmth, heart and humour! Thank you Johanna!.”
— Marie
“UNBELIEVABLE. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. To say Johanna is gifted is an understatement. She blew me away with the accuracy of my energy drawing and reading. She also gave me insight to my family, love life, home, and business.
— Emily

I'm Johanna Gardner.

A few years ago, I owned a hotel, was responsible for 98 mortgage payments, 56 investors, 9 full-time employees, and 30+ contractors. I was miserable. I was completely out of alignment with my soul’s purpose. Today’s energy is forcing us all to let go of things that are no longer serving our hearts – it’s a new era so we can live in ‘the flow’ of life, love, and abundance!

Today, I am a master energy healer, intuitive artist, and spiritual mentor.

Over the past 21 years (as a hobby, and now full-time), I’ve been transforming clients’, including celebrities and multi-millionaires, with powerful, energetically infused healing art. I’m in total alignment with my soul’s purpose, and it feels soooooo good – You can feel this good too!!


Program starts April 24, 2017