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 3 Month Mastermind for
Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

Grow your business toward consistent $10K+ Months 

Open Your intuitive Abilities + use them to support your biz

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Now Enrolling for July 2018

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Women of Woo July is a transformational three-month, high-end mastermind with nearly ALL of the features of our typical six-month program. It's designed for women entrepreneurs who want to create energy-first online businesses. 

These incredible women from all industries -- coaching, medicine, network marketing, fashion, writing, therapy, and so much more -- have two specific goals in mind:

1) They are working to create and maintain $10,000+ months in their businesses, and

2) They want to open and develop their intuitive gifts and use those natural abilities to create a strong, energetic foundation that will help them leverage the Law of Attraction to build their businesses. a physical experience

Part woo AF, part "this just makes sense," Women of Woo marries the masculine and the feminine in the most beautiful of ways. 

In Women of Woo, you'll create a dynamic, authentic, and SUPER FUN business strategy, but you'll also learn how to support that with foundational energetic principles and use the magic of the Universe that has always been yours to leverage.

Women of Woo "sisters," as they call themselves, have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their incomes. They've had $20,000 booked months, many $10,000+ cash months, and again and again set new "highest months ever" in their businesses. 

The Most Powerful Business Mastermind on the Internet

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Women of Woo includes...

  • Two group calls per month, including hotseat coaching

  • One group training call per month with our guest expert

  • Regular workshops, training modules, and "GET IT DONE" work hours

  • One in-person retreat: Denver, Colorado (July 30-August 1, 2018)

  • Three 1:1 VIP calls with me to be used at anytime during the mastermind

  • 24/7 walkie-talkie coaching access to me via Voxer

  • All of this in a SUSTAINED HIGH VIBRATION environment, which means that your energetic floor is held and rising all the time! 

  • Plus, you get totally free access to all EIGHT of my courses for SIX WHOLE MONTHS, which is a huge value (Yes, that *does* include Divine Ambition, My Life, My Terms and Journal to $10K - I knoooooow, it's amazing.) ($7,000 Value)

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The goal is two-fold

1) Discover, grow, and nurture your woo abilities and use those to connect deeply with your ideal clients and to learn to market in a way that feels authentic and FUN. 

What are those woo abilities?

Psychic gifts, intuition, however you want to call 'em, you've got em buried deep in there. (Yes, you do!!!)
2) Grow your business toward that $10,000 per month mark and beyond and just fall in love with how authentic and delicious it all feels.

Focusing on BOTH the masculine and the feminine is virtually unheard of + is designed to help you get into energetic alignment. #flowbaby

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The Women of Woo Bonus Retreat

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Retreat Location: Denver, Colorado
Retreat Date: July 30-August 1, 2018

Your retreat will be held in a gorgeous 1930s renovated church in Denver, Colorado July 31-August 1, 2018.

The event includes a mix of business strategizing and energetic exercises.
The Women of Woo Bonus Retreat is incredibly beloved and the most common phrase heard
at the end is this, "I've never felt more seen, heard, and accepted than I have with this group of women - EVER." 

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I'm Jasmine Ivy.

Spiritual Visionary + Law of Attraction Coach
Changing the face of business online.

Hey there. I'm a recovering marketing executive turned gifted psychic Intuitive and Law of Attraction coach for women in business. I help next-level spiritual women entrepreneurs unearth their highest of the high dreams and turn them into impact-generating online empires. 

I've leveraged my 16-year background in business and marketing and more than 10 years of study in the Law of Attraction to create a powerful, next-level woo approach to business. I call it energy-first business, and the result are businesses that feel authentic, flowy, and fun.


What Women of Woo are saying...

"I have changed women's lives as a result of what Jasmine has helped me do... I get testimonials every single day from women in my Indian community thanking me for the work I'm doing and for how I am helping them. That is a priceless, priceless gift to myself and those women." ~ Visa Shanmugam, Empowerment Coach

"This girl is the real deal ... The space that she holds... the way you escalate... and the way you just move up the expansion ladder... it's been a no-brainer for me. My life has been transformed since the time I've worked with her." ~ Lindsay Dam, Spiritual Mentor

"If you're thinking about this, if you're tired of being stuck, if you're tired of not knowing what the next step is, Jasmine will really help you find that. It's not like she speaks for you, she just brings out in you what's always been in you." ~ Karen Wasylyshen, Intuitive Entrepreneur + Network Marketer

"I joined her to really grow my business, but I have experienced the impact in a way more personal way. It's actually helped my relationship with my husband, being a better parent, and really able to be there for my clients, as well... I've really stepped into my purpose." ~ Vu Willey, Healer, Self-Love + Confidence Coach

"It's a wonderful way to not only get some badass coaching, but to find this powerful tribe of women who you know that you're divinely to share energies with and to bounce ideas off of... and to create this wonderful camaraderie. It's been a very beautiful experience." ~ Meghan Shupp, Crystal + Intuitive Energy Healer 

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Wait. This is the spot where I'm supposed to give you a button to buy, right???


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The reason Women of Woo is such a high vibration environment is that I PERSONALLY interview every single potential WoW sister to confirm that she's the right fit for our incredible sisterhood (and that we're the right fit for YOU).

One of the most beautiful parts of bringing in that fabulous feminine energy is I never ever have to chase. This phenomenal program sells out months in advance and people contact ME to get in.

So, I know you're here for a reason.

By now, you know what that reason is...

If this is pulling your heart strings, it's probably time to reach out for a chat. 

A final little note from me...

Truth time...

I have NEVER EVER seen anything like Women of Woo. 

But what amazes me about them is they’ve just so fully and beautifully surrendered into the joy of sharing space with one another, sinking into the kind of sisterhood I’ve never before witnessed. 

And not only that, but they remind me again and again that it’s possible to balance the masculine and feminine, because hilarious and wildly WOO as they are, they are also savvy business women making serious bank. 

Sometimes I’m talking energy and psychic exploration in their 1:1s, other times, I’m helping them map to a $100,000 launch of their signature program.

Women of Woo reminds me that it doesn’t have to be this or that, it can be both. 

We get to explore and trust ourselves and our process AND ALSO we get to help clients transform, make seriously good money, and change the way the world works.

Recently, a client messaged me and said, “Is there anyone doing the Woo big on the mainstream stage? Someone big like Gabby or Marie Forleo?”

This was my response. 

“Not really. We are literally leading a f*cking revolution.”

The ladies of Women of Woo are the next generation thought leaders. 

And that is going to look drastically freaking different that it ever has before.

I believe women can change the world if they step into their power. 

I used to joke/not joke that “We just need an army of women to come and fix this shit and set everything right.” 

And lately, it’s really hit me. 

*I* am building that army.

We are those women.

And we’re never going to stop.


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