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 * 10 Transformational Weeks *

Three Next-Level Courses + Bonuses
Specifically Designed for the New + Growing Entrepreneur

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Let's cut to the chase...

You already *KNOW* what the Law of Attraction is... 
...thoughts attract things... fine, sure, okay...

You're doing stuff + it's not working...

You're feeling stuck in the feedback loop...
...writing content, then crickets, then sad-face... to infinity

Sometimes you feel like you're standing on the outside looking in... 
...and you're gazing at a 2018 that feels much the same...

You wake up and set positive affirmations...
...but when you go to sleep, you can't help but worry it'll never come... 


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10 Transformational Weeks of Coursework Dedicated to
Helping you *FINALLY* apply the Law of Attraction
to Your Passion Project... Your Business

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You are a daughter of the universe

It is your divine right to live a life of bliss. This is the cornerstone of everything I do. The Woo-Based Biz Bundle gives you deep insight into how I've applied my 10+ years of Law of Attraction study to grow my business and the simple, but powerful shifts I made to hit six-figures in the first 10 months of my business. 

Honestly, I'm tired of seeing you struggle. I designed this bundle for newer entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses faster, smarter, and WAY more authentically than typical biz advice would have them do... So, basically, I made this for YOU. 

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you are designed for manifestation

These powerful 10 weeks are not just designed to teach you, they're meant to remind you of what you truly are: divine.  I spent more than 15 years in marketing and sales having what looked like decent success, but it wasn't until I stilled the noise of the world and started to listen to my own divinity that I synced up with the power that is the Law of Attraction.

This Woo-Based Biz Bundle shows you EXACTLY how to apply the Law of Attraction to grow your business, how to get clarity and find the right action steps to build, AND SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT, because let's be real... I'm widely known for providing mad value and growing your business is literally my passion, so... it's gonna be good.

Let's do this...

Here's what you'll get: 

Course #1: New Start, New Biz (4 Weeks of Modules + Homework)

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New Start, New Biz is the PERFECT Law of Attraction primer for those in the new business stage. Learn exactly what the LOA is (and isn't) and how to apply it in the business realm. 

Look, I spent 10+ years perfecting this. I was a master manifester when it came to relationships, parking spots, and coffee... but business and money? Not so much.

The Law of Attraction is a magnetic force, drawing to you all that you desire... the problem? The Universe doesn't speak English; it speaks in vibrational frequency and humans are adept at finding ways to mess that whole situation up. This step-by-step course will allow you to FINALLY leverage the power of the Universe -- your powerful divine birthright -- to bring your greatest business dreams to fruition. 

4 video modules (between 20-60 minutes each) delivered right to your inbox each week, PLUS homework! 

>> Value: $799 <<

Course #2: Next Level Woo (4 Weeks of Modules + Homework)

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Inspired by my most popular mini-course OF*ALL*TIME, Uplevel Academy, Next Level Woo is a four-week journey into what it takes to wake up, show up, and truly LEVEL UP your business and your life.  

This content pulls from the wildly popular Uplevel Academy mini-course, but digs deeper to create bigger, more profound shifts that help you truly face whatever you've got standing in your way. Designed to take you on a journaling journey into your own mindset, Next Level Woo will help you gain more clarity, more drive, more developed intuition, and more self-trust. The program offers practical steps for attracting clients/customers, staying inspired, and building the business of your dreams.

4 video modules (between 20-60 minutes each) delivered right to your inbox each week, PLUS homework!  

>> Value: $799 <<

Course #3: Crazy Good Community (2 Weeks of Modules + Challenges)

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Once upon a time (May 2017, lol), this was a popular one-off training... NO MORE! Crazy Good Community has been entirely revamped and turned into a full-fledged course divulging all the important details about how to build, grow, nurture, and leverage your very own community. 

Before I was over here building a six-figure digital courses and coaching empire, I wore many hats in the business world... I was a blogger with nearly 40,000 readers per month and also a popular jeweler with a sweet, invested following that helped me sell hundreds of pieces of jewelry in my first month of launch.

I've been building and developing raving, wildly-invested communities since, well, since before I realized that's what I was doing. Crazy Good Community lays bare ALL THE MESSY DEETS of how I've done it again and again - plus, how I leverage those communities without it feeling "icky" to anyone involved (um, that's the magic piece!).   

2 video modules (between 20-60 minutes each) delivered right to your inbox each week, PLUS challenges, so you take action immediately!  

>> Value: $499 <<

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>> Bundle Value: $2,097 <<

With bonuses added in, this is TWELVE weeks of content.
The price breaks down to just $40 per week. #holla  

I'm Jasmine Ivy.

I'm a ridiculously gifted psychic Intuitive and Law of Attraction coach for women in business. I help next-level spiritual women turn passions into profits and grow their businesses to that $10,000 per month mark and beyond.

I've leveraged my 15+ year background in business and marketing and 10+ years of study in the Law of Attraction to create a thriving six-figure empire with a heart-centered mission to help women break free of the bullshit and live the passionate and joyful entrepreneurial life they actually want with all the freedom that entails.

My clients have doubled, even tripled their incomes, experiencing $8,000 days, $15,000 months, and so much more. Together, we are saying #boybye on those sleazy masculine marketing and sales techniques FOREVER and saying a big #heygirl to authenticity, abundance, love, self-trust, and F L O W. #yesplease


Praise from the Sweetest Clients and Community Members EVER

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